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Deterritory wrote
pens parried forth the avengers of brains, mingling his fold with flat planes, pans of gold in his hand, knowing concepts create concettas in thoroughbred space... and like that the river winded down to the cremated self at the wake of his jolly books bulged by their spare parts, the gear knocking spine saddled with tooled end to end and their heart was very fine between the molar and molecular...the schizz flows, the break points over the hospitals of breaking insanity and worried reason hypnotized before that ``Other`` that mysertium tremendum of rite and blood, ritual and defeat abiding by the river always circled by its learned stream , its occidental carry-on to planes of consistency and other matters, the viscosity of being the holes where Franny got out staring the landscape ahead the learned leaners into the street where coffee and smoked curled in the stands of philosophical venture s. yahoo brobdinggangsnettime-anttwrote:
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